Weed N’ Stiff 2: Bobson’s Revenge Released for the NES!

Weed N’ Stiff 2: Bobson’s Revenge for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Calgames has released the second game based on the band Weed N’ Stiff, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Titled Weed N’ Stiff 2: Bobson’s Revenge, this side scrolling beat ’em up is the sequel to 2020’s The Legend of Weed N’ Stiff and features new characters, locations from the band’s history, and much more weirdness.

From itch.io:

Take control of the band Weed N’ Stiff, and fight to save Rock N Roll! 

Jim Weed and Dill Stiff have had their musical essence stolen by Joe Bobson, singer of the rival band Moo Cow. You need to help the boys get their essence back, defeat Bobson once and for all, and restore the band’s legacy. 

Venture from home, throughout the land, to outer space and beyond. Guided by the band’s #1 Fan, you will encounter enemies and mini bosses from the band’s 20+ year history (plus a few new surprises!).

Original game score written by Logan E. Schad, along with some classic 8-bit Weed N Stiff tunes! Featuring the song “Burgle the Frog” (available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp).

For use in any NES emulator that supports mapper 30. For Windows, we recommend Mesen. For Mac, we recommend OpenEmu. Can also be used on Everdrive cartridges, and handhelds like the Anbernic RG350 (and similar devices).

The game trailer can be seen on YouTube, or here:

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